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India and Australia agreed to arrangements on defence and maritime cooperation, under the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP), including a Mutual Logistics Support Arrangement and a Defence Science and Technology Arrangement. The key areas for opportunistic collaboration between India and Australia would be participation in global supply chains, technology sharing and research and development.

Further, the Indian Government has opened the defence industry for private investment, meaning Australian manufacturers of defence equipment could enter into arrangements with their Indian counterparts and vice versa. In addition to this, Australian businesses could invest in or establish joint ventures with Indian companies to help satisfy both India’s defence as well as domestic requirements.

On the subject of security, digitisation with global economies has become a standard – which poses threats of hacks and cyber security. Australia requires skilled technological staff in this field of which India possesses. A collaboration exists for Australia to tap into India’s highly skilled resource pool for this sector.

Defence & Security Strategic Partners

Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN National)

A more secure Australia through enhancing industry & defence capability.

How we help members:

  • Assist members in their dealings with the Australian Government (including Government Departments) & Defence prime contractors.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of Australian Government & prime contractor defence & security-related policy & procurement information to members.
  • Represent members in the presentation of a consolidated Australian SME view, independent of federal or sectoral interests, to both Federal and State/Territory Governments & Defence Prime Contractors.
  • Facilitate networking between Federal, State/Territory & regional Defence Industry bodies aimed to optimise Australian industrial capability/content in all Defence & Security-related contracts.
  • Assist in the development of policies focused on SMEs operating in the Defence & Security sectors.
  • Actively advocate to Federal & State/Territory Governments, Prime Contractors & Government departments such as Defence & Border Force in order to maximise the opportunities for Australian SMEs.
  • Provide members an opportunity for networking (including at non AIDN-led exhibitions & conferences) – facilitating collaboration between members to supply greater capacity & capability to the Australian Defence Forces & security agencies.
  • Inform members of available training relevant to their business needs.

SatCom Industry Association (SIA-INDIA)

SatCom Industry Association (SIA-India) is a not-for-profit body created to represent the interests of the satellite communication ecosystem in India.

As a vibrant body, SIA-India represents satellite operators, satellite systems, launch vehicles, ground and terminal equipment manufacturers and suppliers, satellite-based IOT/M2M solution providers, space startups, innovation hubs, academic institutions, law firms and provides interface with Government, Regulators, Policymakers and domestic & international standards’ bodies.

As ‘Thought Leaders’ for the satellite communications ecosystem, we aim to present the industry’s interest at the highest Government levels for policy-making, regulatory and licensing matters.